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Thai Cooking Class at Mercure Pattaya Hotel

Thai Cooking Class

Every Wednesday, learn the secrets and techniques of cooking delectable Thai food with our skilled Executive Chef.

Minimum 6 persons per class.

There are three great peasant cuisines the world over, Mexican, Italian, and Thai. Each of these cultures relies on a colorful diet filled with fresh ingredients and offer simple yet ingenious techniques to stretch food to fill the table of as many guests as possible. In fact food is so ingrained in Thai culture that many people learn to say “Have you eaten yet?” (gin khao yang) before they learn to say, “How are you?” (sabai dee mai). What better thing to take home with you from a holiday in Thailand than the knowledge of their cuisine which you can hen pass on for years to come. Smell is tied to memory tighter than any other sense. When you reproduce the smells in your home kitchen that you learned on your Pattaya beach vacation in Thailand ten years down the line, your dream holiday memories will come flooding back to the surface.

Mercure strives to bring a local vibe into their facility and that means Thai Cooking Classes are offered, so that guests can take something truly special back with them. Culinary knowledge they can pass along at dinner parties in the future. Thai cuisine is known for balancing the five flavors together in harmony to create very unique symphony that explodes on the tongue. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy is fused together in ways only Thais could imagine.

Each region of Thailand has different styles to their cuisine. The south is known for spicy curries that can literally set your tongue on fire. The north is known for som tam, the green papaya salad that sometimes is made with rotten crab and can be very spicy. Also in the north you will find Nam Tok Moo or Waterfall Pork, a dish that has become popular around the world. In other regions you will find a white rice noodle called Kanom Jeen or Chinese noodle that is served with a rainbow of different curries. In the central region there are many different types of river fish and fermented fish pastes made from them. A variety of fruits are available year round and are often incorporated into Thai cooking. Fruit is another example of crazy flavors turning out amazing, like overly sour fruit that is not ripe becomes palpable when you add a spicy fermented fish paste. Mama always said, “don’t knock it til you try it” and in this case she would be so right.

Cooking classes must be booked at least 1 week in advance. Classes must have at least 10 people in attendance to cook the 5 course meal that will be prepared by the teams. The cost is only 500 baht per person and the class will last 2 hours. This of course includes sharing a meal with your class after you slave away cooking it from scratch. During class vocabulary will be taught as well. Everyone will learn the names of the dishes they are preparing and the key ingredients that come from the market.

Aspiring chefs will be greeted warmly with a welcome drink followed by round robin introductions. Once introductions are finished then the class will be broken up into 5 teams of 2 people each. Each team will be given their fresh market ingredients along with their corresponding recipe card. The class will last about 2 hours and during the cooking process the Head Chef will help each team with their course as needed. Once all five courses have been prepared then everyone will sit down together to enjoy a meal Thai style.

The five course meal will be shared by the class, discussion will take place about the techniques and ingredients that went into each dish so that students may learn from one another. Some small gifts will be passed out that go along with the new recipies student chefs learned from class so that when they return home they will have some of the key ingredients needed to bring the Thai cooking class to life in their home country.

To enquire about booking for a cooking class please contact us one week prior to arrival.

Included in this offer:

  • Only THB 600 nett per person for a 2-hour class preparing 2 classic Thai dishes.

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