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You have probably heard of the famous Pattaya more than once and if your planning a trip to Pattaya its’ best to stay in a Hotel Near Walking Street. The Mercure Hotel Pattaya is your perfect choice, ideally located only 5 mins from Walking Street. Try to imagine what this epic street is really like and the experience along the street feels like. It is 800 meters (2,500 ft.) long entertainment zone stretching from Bali Hai Pier (south end) to the Beach Road (North end).

While staying in Pattaya City, it’s highly recommended to find a hotel near walking street because you will need more than a couple of days and nights to be satisfied with what it has to offer. With an endless list of bars, clubs, seafood restaurants and more, there is just so much to take in on Walking Street Pattaya.

The Pattaya walking street is one of Thailand’s biggest and busiest party hotspot. The streets sides stretch from Soi 14 to Soi 16 with a few streets (uniquely named) in between. The bars, clubs, entertainment complexes and restaurants make this wonderful street a den of all sorts of entertainments.

One outstanding characteristic of the Pattaya Walking Street is that offers so much to see. You might spend a whole week exploring the place but you will still find new exciting places left uncovered. Neon-drenched Street has hundreds of venues that you will be thrilled to explore. The Mercure Hotel Pattaya is an ideal hotel close Walking Street so you can easily explore this hotspot.

It’s such a big place of exploration, it’s recommended to map out the places of interest before you head out so you don’t get lost in the sea of people, street entertainers and the bars and clubs that line this street. This is a must-visit place especially if it is your first time in Pattaya. The picture only gives you a sketch of what you expect during your experience. The real experience awaits you when you set foot on the street. You will never want to leave. If you’re after entertainment, then choosing a hotel near walking street is key for you to enjoy this party zone all night long.


Hotel Near Walking Street Pattaya




You will be lost for choice on the bars, be it a traditional pub, or a heavy rock bar or chill out lounge, Walking Street has it all. Need something a bit more relaxing, Walking street also has many cocktail lounge bars, and a number of hidden quiet spots if you take the time to explore.

After eating it may be time to go out dancing and work off the meal. There is no shortage of dance clubs on Walking Street. Lucifer’s has a live band out front, and then deeper inside the belly of the beast is another stage that alternates between DJ’s and live bands. There is Candy Shop an open-air club that is the precursor for 808. At 808 there is a huge central bar and lots of private tables surrounding it with plenty of dance floor. Then there is iBar a 3 story dance club typically packed wall to wall with people no matter what time you show up. Mixx club and Miami are another couple of options, Mixx for more European flair, while Miami has a more American vibe.





Because Pattaya Walking Street is famous for its nightlife, you will be surprised by the number of restaurants it the long stretch accommodates. Most of these restaurants options are have become the areas signature seafood outlets for a very long time like King Seafood. Some were established in the early 1980s when the Pattaya tourist business was sprouting.

There are plenty of options when you want to dine anywhere along Walking Street. Every dish you order gives you value for your money and the variety in taste is unmatched. The restaurants serve both local Thai menus and international dishes that are sampled from far and wide across Europe, America, and Asia

Starting at the entrance is the Beer Garden, a sprawling seafood restaurant overlooking the water that has a wide variety of Thai dishes and is quite reasonably priced. Walk further in and you will find high end Italian and French restaurants, seafood restaurants with live lobster and other creatures for you to select from. There is all kinds of street food that you will find anywhere in Thailand, and also kabobs made with lamb, chicken, or beef. For the really adventurous you can typically find one of the carts selling fried insects, and if you need something sweet freshly made ice cream in the Turkish style is also available right on the street.

When you feel the urge to bite something early in the morning you can always find several street vendors. They sell a selection of grab and go foods from kebabs to insects.




Walking Street is also a good place for some shopping. If you need designer clothing, bags, jewellery, souvenirs, latex and shoes you can always stop at the shops along the way for some or from street vendors that line the road.

Vendors have shops for making tailored suits and clothing. There are many souvenir type shops that carry goods from all the regions of Thailand. Art galleries and handmade items, as well as leather goods and housewares. Getting tailored clothes is one of the must-do things for anyone that has an eye for fashion or quality.


Hotel Near Walking Street Pattaya



In addition to all the clubs, and restaurants and street food, there will also be various street performers doing all kinds of things to earn tips. Depending on when you are down there you may see someone on a unicycle, juggling, performing magic tricks, walking on stilts, operating a small robot, or playing an odd instrument rarely mastered any more. One could expect to run into puppet shows, or mimes, maybe a clown. On Walking Street, the possibilities can be endless.




You cannot enjoy the street entertainment and food all through your vacation without getting some rest and time off to relax. This is its best to choose a hotel near Pattaya Walking Street to stay in. If your looking for great value, and an ideal location the Mercure Pattaya Hotel is the ideal choice.

Centrally situated in the heart of Pattaya, you will have plenty of other attraction sites and events to visit just in case you want to take some time out of the walking street if it becomes all too much excitement. From beach experience, shopping malls to cultural and religious events, Mercure Hotel Pattaya is just a few meters away.

Need to take some time out after a night on Walking Street? This hotel near Walking Street has you covered. For when its time to chill out, book in to get a professional massage and maybe relax by the swimming pool. This is where the Mercure serves you best. The hotel boast of a state of the art gym facility that will make sure you maintain your fitness level all through your stay. The spa will surely relax your body and soul making you forget the long working hustles and focus solely on the good times the vacation has to offer.

You can also enjoy an outdoor chill at the famous and beautiful Pattaya Beach which is just a stone throw away from the Mercure hotel. The beach offers a cool breeze and fresh atmosphere. The Big Buddha (2.04 km), Art in Paradise (2.4 km), The Sanctuary of truth also known as Prasat Sut Ja-Tum (5.01 km) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! World of Entertainment is all other beautiful places you might often want to visit when you are not on the walking street especially during the day. If you looking for a hotel near Walking Street then the Mercure Pattaya Hotel is your ideal choice!

The security at this hotel near Pattaya Walking Street is unmatched. The management has made it sure that you and your belonging are safe. The doors have card access and every room has a safety deposit box. You have a fires sprinkler in your room and just in case of any unfortunate happening you can always reach the management on the in-room telephone.

You do not have to rush outside for snacks and food because the Mercure Pattaya always serves your favourite dish within the building. There is buffet breakfast with a range of delicious plates each morning. The hotels signature French bakery gives you the best and tasty snacks will the onsite restaurant serves you with a range of local and exotic dishes. What a valid reason to stay indoors?

Walking Street is surrounded by all sorts of shopping malls and joints. As a local or international tourist, your vacation is never complete without a good shopping. You need a good hotel near walking the street to help you keep your items after a day out shopping. While you can grab some along the walking street, a trip to malls like Central Festival Pattaya, the Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, the Mike shopping Mall or the Central centre is a must. This ideally located hotel near walking street offers easy access to all the malls for your shopping experience.

Walking Street and by extension Pattaya area is by far the best place for a Thailand vacation to remember. From shopping, entertainment, tourist attraction sites to traditional and religious sanctuaries you always have your need catered for.




There has never been a better time to book a room at the Mecure Hotel Pattaya and enjoy a hotel near walking street at a fantastic price. Simply book 30 days in advance and take advantage of our Advance Saver Promotion and get up to 30% off the best rate of the day! Book your next Pattaya Holiday now and Save!

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